Ashley Cheesman


Ashley is a student at Ball State University, majoring in Photojournalism. She will complete her coursework in December of 2017 with a Bachelor of Science degree. 
She is a member of the United States Navy Reserve component and seeks to use her skills from the classes she’s taken at BSU to further her career. Ashley is outgoing and a team player, she never misses an opportunity to network with others and be the best possible person for any task she is given.



A note from Ashley:
If you are reading this, then God has brought you here for a reason.
Maybe something I write will inspire you.
Maybe something you comment will help me.
Either way I invite you on this journey.
It is a journey of self discovery, of devotion, of heart ache, trials, and emotions.
It may be a roller coaster at times, but as I see it you can either love the ride or get off.
I choose to stick it out and see where this crazy life takes me.
So buckle up and hang on, this is gonna be a bumpy ride.