2017 Internship Portfolio

A collection of images taken during Fall internship 2017. 


Week 1 – The first week was one of discovery. I had never really photographed animals before so I tried to be the least intrusive as possible. 
The cats stayed in the cattery which proved to not provide the best possible photos.


Week 2 – The second week, I brought the cats into an office where we have a basket and blankets for them to lay on.
By using treats and a few toys, I was able to coax them into sitting still long enough for a decent set of photos. 


Week 3 – The third week, I focused my time on one cat in particular who was very active and did not want to sit still.
No amount of treats of playing could help distract him. Fortunately, I was able to get these photos to look nice enough
to put on the adoption website for this guy, and he found a forever home shortly after.


Week 4 – Week four began my attempts at photographing dogs.
I started with this girl because she was very mellow and I knew I would possibly get a better chance.
However, she was shy around the camera and kept trying to hide under the blanket from me.
I felt like I was able to capture her happy and loving self as well as her timid side with these photos.


Week 5 – This week I continued to take photos with dogs. These two boys were much more rowdy and just wanted to play!
It took a few hours just to get a handful of usable photographs, but that was mostly because I was still learning how to adjust my settings in this type of situation.


Week 6 – This week was a busy one. I photographed both dogs and cats and assisted with a spaying and neutering clinic
that the shelter puts on with Purdue University’s veterinary program. I wasn’t able to photograph the surgeries, but the experience was quite exciting!


Week 7 – Week seven was filled with puppies!
Two litters of puppies came in and needed a lot of love, so of course I helped socialize them with people and with other dogs to aid in their potential to be adopted.
Photographing rambunctious pups was more of a challenge than I expected, but we made it work. 


Week 8 – Week eight I had some more cats come in needing adoption photos.
This week I was shown how to use the website to upload the photos myself and it was fairly simple once I got the hang of it.


Week 9 – This ninth week we got a little festive with a small tree and holiday themed blankets and backgrounds.
The quality of my photos have marginally improved since week 1 and I am very thankful for this experience.


Week 10 – This week I didn’t take photos, but spent time helping get things finished for the year.
I helped socialize another set of puppies and aided two families in getting to know a pet they wanted to adopt into their home.
The end of the week came with a visit from Santa and clients could bring pets in to see him and get photos taken.
It was a good time by all who attended.