“March for Trump” Rally

Washington, D.C. – Hundreds of pro-Trump supporters lined the lawn of the U.S. Capitol Thursday morning to speak out against the push for impeachment of President Donald Trump. The “March for Trump” rally was organized by the Women for America First group which met at Freedom Plaza then marched to the West Lawn.

Speakers took to the podium to make their stance known to Congress. Red MAGA hats crowded the small stage. Signs proclaiming “End the Witch Hunt, Impeach Congress” and “Stop Banker’s Coup Against Trump” were held high as Trump 2020 flags flapped in the cold wind.

Amy Kremer, a Tea Party activist and the Chairwoman of Women for America First, organized the D.C. event.

Kremer introduced other speakers such as Jonathan T. Gilliam, a former Navy SEAL who now serves in media as network news law enforcement. Gilliam posted a video to Twitter during his speech showing the crowd and saying “Stand with me, stand with each other and become a powerful, free people again.”

Once the speakers finished, Kremer took the podium again asking all in attendance to go into the Capitol Building with her to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office as well of the offices of Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler.

When asked why some in attendance decided to come for the rally, Sonia Casey had a passionate answer, “I believe the president is the greatest thing to ever happened to America. He is restoring everything that has been taken away from here,” she said.

Dr. Minerva Diaz was also in attendance Thursday, saying about Congress and the House of Representatives, “They need to hear the sentiment of the American People.”

Photos and Story by Ashley Cheesman for Ashventurous.net

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