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“March for Trump” Rally

Washington, D.C. – Hundreds of pro-Trump supporters lined the lawn of the U.S. Capitol Thursday morning to speak out against the push for impeachment of President Donald Trump. The “March for Trump” rally was organized by the Women for America First group which met at Freedom Plaza then marched to the West Lawn. Speakers took to the podium to make their stance known to Congress. Red MAGA hats crowded the small stage. Signs proclaiming “End the Witch Hunt, Impeach Congress” […]

Photoblog – Richard Avedon

Discovering a new-to-you photographer is a great feeling. Looking at their work, possibly trying to imitate it, and putting your own style into an old favorite are some of the most rewarding moments to an aspiring photographer. Richard Avedon is such a photographer to me. I have heard his name in passing, but never really did any research on his work. Today, I want to share two of his photos. The above photo is titled “Dovima with Elephants.” It was […]

Hurricane Harvey – Photos that make it more real

The above photograph was shared by JC Spencer to USA Today. The man on the jet ski works for Chick-Fil-A and drove around to flooded houses to help people evacuate. Mr. Spencer caught the photo from his staircase. It shows the water level in their house and gives an uncommon sense of peace within the chaos. The above photo was shared to my Facebook timeline from a friend. The poor little dog just looks lost and cold with all […]

Not my first post, but the first post of a new chapter.

I am beginning a class that will help me improve the content for Ashventurous! I hope you continue on this adventure with me! I am very excited to continue to advance my blog and our journey together!

Final year struggles, and the final finals dread…

If you’ve ever heard the term “Senioritis,” then you know exactly where I’m at right now.

University of Struggles

Imagine the panic I felt as I pulled into the University parking lot at 9:10 am. My class was going to start at 9:30, and I still needed the library printer for the paper I was to turn in this morning. I felt overjoyed as I ran to the bus stop just as the bus I needed pulled up. I hopped on board, and off we went towards the library.

On again, Off again, On again…

As many readers wonder, yes I am hoping to start writing regular posts. I know my status as a blogger is as the title suggests. I want to write, I want to be a good writer. I want to travel, and I want to put all these years of being in college to good use. I’m also terrified that my wants and my dreams are taking me in another direction all together. Those that know me personally won’t find this […]

The Suprise of my Life!

October 10, 2015 started as a normal Fall day. My mom, boyfriend, and one of my best friends, and I had spent the night before decorating the garage to my mom’s house for my little sister’s birthday. I had gone to the kitchen to finish icing cupcakes. Little did I know that the three of them were making final preparations for an event that would have me smiling months later. Starting in late July, my boyfriend had asked me if […]

Training, Working, Learning, and Having a Great Time Doing it!

Work and Fun in the same post? IMPOSSIBLE! But it isn’t impossible, and I’m happy to say that many people accomplish this seemingly unreachable goal every day! Many of you have followed me on my adventures and know that most of what I do is close enough to home that it probably wouldn’t actually be considered as an adventure. This time, I’m taking you 677 miles away from my house. I started off flying to an airport in North Carolina. […]