College Life and Keeping the Faith

Everywhere I look, there are things that are trying to convince me that my God is not real. There are groups on campus that are allowed to set up tables and sell stuff that is very against my personal beliefs, but you don’t see me starting a petition to have them removed. Though I am pretty sure that if we set up a table for Christianity, on a regular basis, there would be a march on the atrium.

I see people of different faiths talking and getting along wonderfully. It is as if culture and religious beliefs are not as important as many people are made to think. We are all human, we are all on the same planet, and I believe we are all the Children of God. So while people out in the “real world” are out fighting each other, and fighting in wars that really aren’t ours to fight, I’m just sitting here; looking around me at what the world has in store. I am trying really, very hard to live this college life and to keep my faith.

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