Generation Gap: Simplicity vs. Technology

Do any of you remember this show? Puppets and a lady named Holly teaching kids good behavior and simple things like how to blow their nose into a handkerchief. It was simple. In the episode called “Hanky Panky,” the three puppets had colds and were given handkerchiefs to use. Instead of blowing their noses, they played babies and cowboys and other games. They used only their handkerchiefs and a few simple other toys, but they had fun the whole day. At the end of the episode, the puppets had washed their “hankies” with paint brushes and it ended up making their hankies tie-dyed. Iggy the Iguana asks Holly if they can have three more white handkerchiefs to play with and they would use the tie-dyed ones to blow their nose like they were supposed to do. This episode teaches kids that they do not need a lot of toys. They do not need iPods and Smart Phones at such a young age. They need their imagination.

Too often I see 5 and 6 year old kids with better gadgets than me, and I am now 22. My 6-year-old sister can work my mom’s cell phone better than most adults, she can open/unlock my iPod to play games on it (granted I downloaded learning games for her like addition and subtraction, learn to read, and others), and she knows how to record shows on the DVR box.

Technology today is taking over the lives of the younger generation. I may not be “up there” in years, but I can tell just from when I was young til now how much more prevalent it has become. I’m not saying that advancements in gadgets are entirely bad, there are many good uses. I just think that we need to stop letting these gadgets become “babysitters” and actually let your kids explore their imagination without a video game leading them through a pre-set story.


2 responses to “Generation Gap: Simplicity vs. Technology”

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  2. Technology is a great tool, but as you said can take over.


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