Making Decisions…

Have you ever felt that there was more in store for your life? That what you are doing now is merely a stepping stone to something greater?

That’s how I have felt since I started Photojournalism classes in college. Different opportunities are being brought forth and it just yells “HEY YOU COULD BE DOING THIS!” and I honestly believe I could. I know that in order to get where I want to go, I am going to have to take some major risks. I’m OK with this, but I know that some people in my family are worried about where my decision is taking me.

That decision, is to join the US Navy Reserves.

I feel that I have the chance to do something that could make a difference. Not just in my life, but in my family’s life and in my siblings’ futures. I can do something that I can be proud of and they can be proud of me for. In less than two weeks, I will finalize my decision.

This is not a blog to convince anyone to follow me to the service. Really it’s just a way for me to wrap my head around why I really want to do it. I think it’s finally all clear in my mind.

Soon, I will be going on the adventure of a lifetime!
Wish me luck.



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