Journey Onward!

A Few Changes

First off, I changed the name of the blog because I wanted it to more reflect me. Second, I plan on writing a lot more to let you all go with me on the journey I have decided to embark on.

Now What?

If you’ve been following me, then you know that I joined the US Navy Reserves. I will be leaving in November for Boot Camp at the Great Lakes Naval Base in Illinois.

After what I’m sure will be one of the hardest 8-weeks in my life, I hope to graduate and be a full-fledged member of the Reserves. After that I will be going to Meridian, Missouri for A-school to better learn my job that I will have with the Navy.

Since I only have about 4 months left until I leave, I have a lot of decisions to make and a lot of work to do to get myself ready both physically and mentally.

This new set of posts is going to chronicle my journey from a Delayed Enlistment Program “Future Sailor” to a US Navy Reserves “Sailor.”

Thank you all for the support and the love you have sent me, I greatly appreciate it!

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