6 More Days, and a Week’s Worth of Adventure!


Two weeks ago, my mom had planned a “family and friends Thanksgiving dinner” for me since I will be at boot camp this year. Where I thought maybe two or three other family members and a handful of my friends were coming to enjoy some turkey and mashed potatoes, turned into a going away party for me with a lot of family and friends, friends’ families, friends that are more like family, and a sound booth, neighbors, and way more food than I thought I would see before heading out (minus a turkey).

In order for all this to be possible, my mother had spent weeks messaging people on Social Media, making plans, ordering food, and almost the whole day before baking cupcakes. She got my boyfriend to come get me and keep me away from her house until after everyone arrived. He had to put up with my “my mom is going to be upset if we are late for Thanksgiving dinner” rants and yelling for him to hurry up moments to make this day special. Shout out to him for loving me anyway!

Yes, I’m gullible and had no idea of the scale that this day was going to be and I admit that when I walked into the back yard I cried. There were so many people there to help send me off on this awesome journey.

Thanksgiving (yes, real Thanksgiving) and Christmas in One Day!?!

Last weekend, my mom had an actual Thanksgiving dinner. This time, just for family (and yes, with turkey!!!). The next day was my grandpa’s birthday, so my brother and sister and I went to get him a gift. After we presented it to him, my mom brought in a gift for me. Each of them had got me a card for Christmas and put their own personal notes in them. I admit again, I cried. This journey has been very emotional, but now that the time is coming closer I am more ready than ever before.

I have 6 days left, then I’m off. I can’t thank you all enough for your support and to help me get ready.

Even writing about my journey and chronicling my experiences for you have been a huge help for me mentally. I will look back on these blogs and remember how far I’ve come and why I will continue to improve.

So, to all my faithful followers, THANK YOU!


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