Anchor’s Aweigh!

Here We Go!

The time has come my lovelies, for me to set out on this journey. I’m so honored and blessed to have the support system that I do, and thanks to this hotel’s business center I can send one final update on this countdown.

I sit here and realize how little time has actually passed since this journey began and how big of a change it has made in my life. I know that I’ll only be gone for a few months at first, but there is going to be so much different about me when I return. I will be stronger, both mentally and physically, and hopefully my walk with God will be even closer than ever before!

I’ve got my pack and my bible, 4:30 am will get here before I know it!

Don’t worry though, this adventure isn’t ending. It’s merely starting a string of many more adventures to come!




2 thoughts on “Anchor’s Aweigh!

  1. Ashley,
    You are such an inspiration! What a wonderful young lady you have grown to be. We need millions more like you. I wish you much happiness and many joys through your adventure!
    Love ya,

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