An Everyday, Ordinary, Adventure

Family Vacations

Ever wanted to go somewhere and get away for a while? Well why not do it!?

Recently my family and I went to Tennessee. My mom and step-dad saved up all year so we could take a week and just let go. It was an adventure I am happy to share with my followers here.

Getting Started

In the week leading to our trip, I had to figure out what to take. The weather in Indiana has been absolutely crazy this year so I thought it would be similar there. I packed for warm weather but also brought a few sweat-shirts. My family and I talked about what we were wanting to do. We got a cabin up in the mountains, very expensive but well worth it!

We decided on a dinner show, exploring some caves, horseback riding, and other activities.

The Trip

Being in a cabin that only has three bedrooms may not sound all that great when there’s 10 people trying to sleep there, but on the contrary! The cabin had a Foosball Table, a Pool Table, a hot tub, and an incredible view of the mountain side!  On the first day, we all hung out at the cabin. The next day, we drove around Tennessee for a little while. We went to Laurel Falls and hiked the 1.3 miles there and back. The Falls were gorgeous! I climbed down off of the trail and was able to take a photo of a SNAKE! Not sure what type it was (any snake lovers here, there’s a picture in the gallery).

Our third day was nice, we went through one side of the Smoky Mountains National Park. I took so many pictures! I didn’t want to bore you all with every little thing, though, so I only shared a few of them. Our fourth day was spent walking through downtown Gatlinburg. There are so many sights and attractions there! After a day of shopping, we went to the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show. I was greatly impressed with the talent of the performers. There were even a couple of kids and they were FANTASTIC! The young girl couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6, and the boy maybe 10. The food was great too!

On day 5, we went to Tuckaleechee Caverns. They were so beautiful! I could spend hours in those caves! After our tour, we sat in the picnic area for lunch where we were joined by a Black Bear! Tennessee is famous for their bear population, but I wasn’t sure if we would actually get to see one or not. It was a scary, but unforgettable experience! Side note: if you go to Tennessee, I suggest reading up on the bears and what to do if you come across one.

The same day, I got to meet Bubba. A big, beautiful, black horse who took me on an hour long trail ride. We went through a tunnel, across a river, and up the side of a small mountain. I’d never been on an un-lead horse ride before, and I cannot wait to do it again (if anyone near me has horses I can ride, I will love you forever)!

Day 6 we went to the NASCAR Speed Park Go-Cart track. A little more than twenty dollars a day for many tracks and rides. For lunch we walked down the road to CiCi’s Pizza Buffet (I don’t suggest walking, it was pretty hot out).

Finally the day came where we had to head home, I was sad to leave the amazing mountains and return to flat lands of Indiana. I missed my boyfriend though, so getting to see him again in person and not just a video chat was great! 🙂

I love my family trips, and not working for a week (though it hurts a little financially) was just the break I needed to tackle the rest of this year. School starts again in late August, and in the first two weeks of August I will be continuing my Navy Journey by doing my Annual Training in Virginia. Stay tuned my lovelies, the adventure is only beginning!

❤ Ashley

2 responses to “An Everyday, Ordinary, Adventure”

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