Final year struggles, and the final finals dread…

If you’ve ever heard the term “Senioritis,” then you know exactly where I’m at right now. The feeling of being so close to finishing my work and yet feeling as if it will never end and doing what needs done becomes writing a random blog post at nearly 11pm on a Thursday night when you have an assignment due the next day.

I know I should be asleep, or working on my photos, or finishing this lousy 5-page essay that I should be able to crank out in a couple hours…but I’m here. Suffering silently through my headache with my laptop screen brightness turned down, the lights off, and my fan on.

My last post was about procrastination, obviously I am still fighting that beast. I probably always will. Will these last two semesters kick my butt? I hope not, I am on the path to finally finishing my degree, I see that tape at the finish line and all I need to do is run through it!

Any help, tips, advice…? All welcome in the comments…


2 responses to “Final year struggles, and the final finals dread…”

  1. Thanks! Followed Back!


  2. I’m in the same boat as you! You’ve got my follow. If you ever need a laugh check out my comedy blog and follow it if you like it!

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