Hurricane Harvey – Photos that make it more real

The above photograph was shared by JC Spencer to USA Today. The man on the jet ski works for Chick-Fil-A and drove around to flooded houses to help people evacuate. Mr. Spencer caught the photo from his staircase. It shows the water level in their house and gives an uncommon sense of peace within the chaos.

The above photo was shared to my Facebook timeline from a friend. The poor little dog just looks lost and cold with all the water, the rescue worker seems to be doing what he can to help. There are more people in the background giving a layer to the destruction.
I was able to find where the Dallas News originally shared the story.

When the Coast Guard stepped in, an infant was airlifted during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Even the smallest of citizens were affected by the tragedy, and this photo speaks volumes of the efforts done not only by local first responders, but of the country as a whole. Even the world as a whole. This story was featured in Australia and other sources.

The above photo was featured in an article asking for people to support a relief fund for victims of Hurricane Harvey. The caption read that 32,000 people were forced into shelters in the area. This photo has many layers to it. First layer is the people, we see the adults with water up to their knees, children on their shoulders, bags above the water…their whole lives with them. Next layer is the fog and rain. Even if we have never been in a hurricane, we have probably been in a pool or lake, we know how heavy water can make clothing, we may know how dreary it can be to be caught in rain. These people are enduring both feelings simultaneously. It really puts the viewer in the shoes of the people.

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