Photoblog – Richard Avedon

Discovering a new-to-you photographer is a great feeling. Looking at their work, possibly trying to imitate it, and putting your own style into an old favorite are some of the most rewarding moments to an aspiring photographer.

Richard Avedon is such a photographer to me. I have heard his name in passing, but never really did any research on his work. Today, I want to share two of his photos.


The above photo is titled “Dovima with Elephants.” It was featured as one of Avedon’s many fashion pieces. It is visually aesthetic, the woman’s arm matching the elephants’ trunks. They are all looking in the same direction, and the black and white make for an elegant feel as the woman’s clothing appears to only contain the two colors which makes the outfit stand out. I really love elephants, so to see them interacting so beautifully with a model is what drew my eye to this photo.


The above images were featured together, I’d like to focus on the image of the man covered in bees. Avedon wasn’t afraid to be a little weird with his images, taking on work for a section called Bazzar. These images were from a project titled “In the American West” which focused on regular people in what was considered fly-over country to many. It shows a unique perspective on the stories of people many may never meet or may never have had their story told before. This type of work is exactly what I am trying to accomplish with Ashventurous!

Hopefully, you will do your own research into some great photographers. Share their work and yours in the comments below. Be sure to give credit!

Hurricane Harvey – Photos that make it more real

The above photograph was shared by JC Spencer to USA Today. The man on the jet ski works for Chick-Fil-A and drove around to flooded houses to help people evacuate. Mr. Spencer caught the photo from his staircase. It shows the water level in their house and gives an uncommon sense of peace within the chaos.

The above photo was shared to my Facebook timeline from a friend. The poor little dog just looks lost and cold with all the water, the rescue worker seems to be doing what he can to help. There are more people in the background giving a layer to the destruction.
I was able to find where the Dallas News originally shared the story.

When the Coast Guard stepped in, an infant was airlifted during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Even the smallest of citizens were affected by the tragedy, and this photo speaks volumes of the efforts done not only by local first responders, but of the country as a whole. Even the world as a whole. This story was featured in Australia and other sources.

The above photo was featured in an article asking for people to support a relief fund for victims of Hurricane Harvey. The caption read that 32,000 people were forced into shelters in the area. This photo has many layers to it. First layer is the people, we see the adults with water up to their knees, children on their shoulders, bags above the water…their whole lives with them. Next layer is the fog and rain. Even if we have never been in a hurricane, we have probably been in a pool or lake, we know how heavy water can make clothing, we may know how dreary it can be to be caught in rain. These people are enduring both feelings simultaneously. It really puts the viewer in the shoes of the people.

The Journey so far!

Ashventurous is on a mission: to tell the story of an amazing adventure, no matter how big or small, every day.

I started on a life changing journey with an extremely short paragraph about college and how I was finding my faith there. Then, there was my awe-inspiring (not really) message about love. I was going through a hard time in my life, and writing really helped me to get through it.

Flash forward to January 2014 where I was bored and decided to watch an old kid’s show called “Under the Umbrella Tree.” I hadn’t seen it since I was very young, but it really got me thinking about how technology has changed over the years.

May 2014 and onward was a time of decisions and opportunity. After a summer of festivals and football games (where I took photos that were published to an online social networking media site), I moved out of my apartment that I had been in for almost two years, I introduced my family to the wonderful world of blogging, ate some chili, had “Thanksgiving” with family and friends, and left for training.

Finally, the long awaited day had arrived and I was home in March of 2015. July brought about many good memories with my family as we had our own little “big” adventure in Tennessee, I had my first “solo” adventure when I left for more training in Virginia to work with active duty Sailors there.

So many adventures, and this isn’t all of them. Feel free to browse around, I love feedback! I am so excited to share this journey with you!

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Final year struggles, and the final finals dread…

If you’ve ever heard the term “Senioritis,” then you know exactly where I’m at right now. The feeling of being so close to finishing my work and yet feeling as if it will never end and doing what needs done becomes writing a random blog post at nearly 11pm on a Thursday night when you have an assignment due the next day.

I know I should be asleep, or working on my photos, or finishing this lousy 5-page essay that I should be able to crank out in a couple hours…but I’m here. Suffering silently through my headache with my laptop screen brightness turned down, the lights off, and my fan on.

My last post was about procrastination, obviously I am still fighting that beast. I probably always will. Will these last two semesters kick my butt? I hope not, I am on the path to finally finishing my degree, I see that tape at the finish line and all I need to do is run through it!

Any help, tips, advice…? All welcome in the comments…